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Can we help you with your MSP strategy?

Did you ever consider engaging an MSP solution to manage your contingent workforce? Or have you already engaged an MSP and are you interested to see how MSP offerings in the market develop?

Read all about it in an interesting report. Flex-Beheer and TheFlexAcademy just launched the 4th edition of their joint MSP providers research for the Netherlands and Belgium. A complementary copy of the report (in Dutch) can be downloaded from their websites through this link.

How can this help building your contingent labour strategy?

The clear and up-to-date information in the report can help you understand the service and inspire you to think about the value it can have for your organisation. It can also help you assess if your supplier is (still) delivering the service you might expect today. A next step is to include these insights in your workforce strategy to make sure you are able to attract the best candidates in the future and ensure compliance for your contingent workforce.

TalentIn is an independent partner for MSP and RPO advice with decades of international experience. We know how to design and implement these programmes as part of your overall contingent labour strategy, and we can offer market knowledge for all European markets and even on the specific challenges in global programmes. We advise, but can also provide practical support. Pragmatic and completely independent.

Have we sparked your interest? Please contact us for a free consultation with no strings attached. Please visit us at www.talentin.eu, mail us at info@talentin.eu or call on +31 10 307 54 22.

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