Is your contingent recruitment or MSP programme ready for a scarce labour market?

More and more CEOs say they are worried about the availability of key skills. The expected scarcity of resources is a growing economic concern and will impact performance of many organisations. Talent scarcity does not necessarily mean a lack of people available, but rather a lack of people with the right skills and abilities that want to work for your company. This trend is already affecting a large number of companies and is expected to increase in the coming years.

Is your current contingent MSP recruitment programme ready to respond to this growing Talent scarcity?

Over the last 5 to 10 years many companies decided to install a centralised MSP (Managed Service Programma) programme to manage their contingent worker population. Initiated by procurement departments these programmes are managing the whole contingent worker population delivered by staffing agencies, self employed, payrolled workers and others. In many cases also outsourced to an external party like for example Tapfin, Pontoon, Hays or Randstad Sourceright.

Main initial drivers for implementing an MSP programme were creating full transparency, cost savings by reducing the number of suppliers and exclude risk- and compliance issues. In most cases the MSP is also supported with a so called VMS system (Vendor Management System). With the current economic growth, increased unemployment rates and ongoing demographic developments these initial drivers do not sufficiently support finding the right talent in time. These programmes need to take on the role of talent advisor, helping to map strategy to market realities and delivering the talent needed when and where necessary to achieve your business goals. Which means they need to change their focus on other topics, like for example developing a suitable employer brand for the contingent worker target audience. Supplier management needs to be redesigned from full focus on cost reduction to outperformance in delivery capability, using the latest technologies that support recruitment marketing using analytics and talent intelligence.

In summary
Assessing your current contingent recruitment or MSP programme to fit with the current labour market circumstances is crucial to be ahead of or at least on par with your competitors. As most programmes are long term (3 to 5 years) and agreed on the initial drivers there is a big chance that re-alignment to current market conditions is necessary. Only a programme that is agile and takes on the role as contingent talent advisor can contribute to the organisational performance.

About the author

Ron Bosma is Managing Partner at TalentIn. With more than 30 years in the industry and as former Managing Director of Randstad Sourceright EMEA he has an extensive experience in RPO and MSP solutions, having served client’s like Philips, Siemens and PWC to define and execute their contingent talent management strategy including supportive technology systems like VMS and ATS. His previous roles have spanned across numerous EMEA markets and provided an opportunity for him to work with a variety of companies in many sectors.

TalentIn can help you assess your current contingent recruitment or MSP programme  supporting your Talent Management Strategy. We are happy to discuss this topic more in depth with you. Please visit us at , mail us at or call us on +31 10 307 54 22.




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