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3 success factors to integrate your SOW management with your MSP programme

Recently companies are increasingly looking for an integrated talent sourcing model to manage all temporary talent (staffing and professionals) and Statement of Work (SOW) workers. They often want to expand their existing MSP programme with SOW management. Traditionally SOW management was decentralised, largely controlled by the individual business units or departments who utilised the workers. However, without standardisation and internal controls, it’s difficult to evaluate supplier and individual performance to get the best solution and talent at the best price.

What better than to expand your MSP programme and include a seamless addition of SOW? Talent acquisition and onboarding will provide a single integrated solution that delivers higher levels of programme governance, internal control, strategic insights, process efficiencies.

Success factors 

Experience has shown us three success factors for the integration of your SOW programmes into your MSP programme:

  • don’t underestimate the complexity and diversity of SOW agreements
  • choose the right SOW pilot projects
  • apply proper change management

Don’t underestimate

You are about to add milestone-based services spend management to your MSP programme’s portfolio. To come to an appropriate strategy, understanding the complexity of your SOW spend landscape and defining the proper target type of SOW’s are key. Do proper research before you start the strategic and operational discussion. Driven by the strategic direction, your VMS capabilities can also become a critical point.

Right pilot

Before you kick-off the whole programme start a number of pilots with SOW projects that you have  defined as ‘addressable SOW’. This way you can validate your assumptions as well as engage and convince hiring managers with some resistance. In general addressable SOW’s will be operational projects and projects work related without any material use, where suppliers are active in multiple categories. Extra work and extensions are also indicators to look for.

Change management

The biggest challenge when integrating SOW spend into a contingent workforce programme is having an effective change management strategy in place to support the implementation, as SOW is the domain of local BU stakeholders and business managers and not HR or procurement.

A TalentIn SOW quickscan helps you identify addressable SOW projects and validate assumed benefits in a (data based) business case. This SOW research is the base of your integrated strategy. In a period of four to six weeks we scan your SOW’s, downselect four to six representative SOW’s and deepdive in those to identify benefits and challenges. This will result in a high level advise and a related business case.


About the author

Ron Bosma is Managing Partner at TalentIn. With more than 30 years in the industry and as former Managing Director of Randstad Sourceright EMEA he has an extensive experience in RPO, MSP and SOW solutions, having served client’s like Philips, Siemens and PWC to define and execute their contingent talent management strategy including supportive technology systems like VMS and ATS. His previous roles have spanned across numerous EMEA markets and provided an opportunity for him to work with a variety of companies in many sectors.

TalentIn can help you assess your current MSP programme and SOW projects to identify the roadmap for an integrated Talent sourcing model. We are happy to discuss this topic more in depth with you. Please visit us at www.talentin.eu , mail us at info@talentin.eu or call us on +31 10 307 54 22.




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