Workforce management: The 2021 outlook

2020 has been anything but a stable year for the labour market and the recruitment industry. The economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic, has resulted in job losses and in higher unemployment rates. The services sector seems to have taken the hardest hit. Catering, tourism, travel, and all entertainment businesses were forced to shut down. …

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TalentIn BLOG Hiring programme UK

Is your hiring programme living up to expectations?

Nowadays MSPs and hiring desks, both in- or outsourced, are established firmly in corporate business. During the first few years, control of hiring, cost reduction and compliance were the most important motives to design these models. But listening to stakeholders, suppliers and users we sense that the expectations and objectives, which started many of these …

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TalentIn BOG Workforce Futureproof

Is your workforce future-proof?

Is your workforce future-proof? Multiple researches show us that roles and jobs as we currently know them will no longer exist in the future. Some say that in 10 years time 85% of the jobs we have today won’t exist anymore. Others predict that it is closer to 50%. The future will tell… Everybody agrees …

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Talent is Talent – so why treat them differently?

In the past and still today organisations separate their activities, selection processes, their value propositions and their investments in talent engagement by the different types of contractual relationships they have with their workers. A temporary worker may have a different experience of their introduction, perceived value and reward from a company than a permanent worker …

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TalentIn Blog 18 - Do you need an FMS

Do you need a Freelance Management System (FMS)?

The discussion about the future and consequences of the platform economy is growing. In addition, the number of freelancers is increasing nationally and internationally. But how can these developments be integrated in existing strategies for hiring staff or outsourcing work? According to Eurostat, the share of freelancers in the employed labour force has increased in …

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TalentIn Blog 14 Robots as temps

Robots as temporary workers?

The Industrial Revolution has made it possible to power machines with small compact motors and has introduced the first robotic process automation in various industries as of 1800. Today human-sized robots with the capacity for near-human artificial intelligence and movement are available. Reduced costs, increased capabilities and increased flexibility in utilisation are accelerating the growth …

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