TalentIn advises and supports companies

TalentIn advises companies on their Talent Management strategy and helps them align it to future needs by streamlining, optimising and implementing solutions around recruitment of future anticipated talent on permanent or flexible base.

seasoned professionals with hands-on experience

seasoned professionals with hands-on experience

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TalentIn advises and supports companies

TalentIn advises companies on their Talent Management strategy and helps them align it to future needs by streamlining, optimising and implementing solutions towards the recruitment of anticipated permanent or flexible talent.

seasoned professionals with hands-on experience

expertise ensuring access to the right talent

Our approach is based on a unique combination of client focus, industry knowledge and hands-on experience. Our team consists of experts who all have a proven track record in entrepreneurship, senior management, advisory and implementation of recruitment and talent engagement strategies. Together with you and your stakeholders we will focus on an optimal strategy and execution, a hands-on approach to its executions and likely change and a pragmatic practice of ensuring succes.

our core team

Ron Bosma

Ron Bosma

Managing Partner

Ron is a senior professional with experience in various executive roles in the national and international 
Human Resources industry.

He’s an entrepreneur on the intersection of workforce strategies, technology, implementation and operations.

Marc Viëtor

Managing Partner

Marc is an experienced consultant and leader, with a strong background in the international Human Resources industry.

He’s a pragmatic strategist, experienced in HR advice, development and rollout of business concepts, process optimisation, and change management.

our associate partners

TalentIn - Marjoleine van den Broek

Marjoleine van den Broek

Labour Market specialist

Marjoleine helps organisations strengthen their labour market position by developing a suitable recruitment strategy, employer branding and an excellent candidate experience.

Robine Dijkstra

supplier management and optimisation

Robine’s ample operational experience in managed services allows her to add strategic value to any programme. Her expertise in supplier management ensures that her clients have the supplier base they need.

Matt Jessop

Matt Jessop

technology expert

Matt is an experienced technology subject matter expert in the contingent worker recruitment industry

Dugald McIntosh TalentIn

Dugald McIntosh

Operations executive

Dugald is experienced in designing and delivering UK and Global workforce management programmes, which balance complex business priorities and deliverable innovation

Sophie Nooteboom - TalentIn

Sophie Nooteboom

VMS & ATS technology expert

Sophie is an accomplished VMS and ATS technology expert. Experienced in process improvements, overcoming technical limitations and implementing effective operational solutions.

Simon Redman - TalentIn associate

Simon Redman

External Workforce Consultant

Simon’s an expert in integrating SOW spend in MSP programmes, including FMS providers into an external workforce sourcing mix and building an organisation’s Direct Sourcing capability.

Delphine Di Toro

external workforce specialist

Delphine is experienced in steering and coordinating projects focused on organisational change. She supports organisations by implementing solutions, tools and process improvements.

Pauline Verhaar

Pauline Verhaar

external workforce specialist

Pauline is an experienced Certified Contingent Workforce Professional (CCWP) with core experience in the external talent arena.

James Winter associate TalentIn

James Winter

Workforce Solutions & Compliance Specialist

James is an expert in global workforce compliance, with experience at the world’s largest staffing and recruitment outsourcing businesses. In the UK he is recognised as an IR35 subject matter expert.

examples of our clients

TalentIn has helped a variety of organisations build and implement their workforce strategies.

Want to know more about our projects or discuss how we can support you with your workforce strategy? Contact us through the button below.

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