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Is your hiring programme living up to expectations?

Nowadays MSPs and hiring desks, both in- or outsourced, are established firmly in corporate business. During the first few years, control of hiring, cost reduction and compliance were the most important motives to design these models. But listening to stakeholders, suppliers and users we sense that the expectations and objectives, which started many of these processes, regularly aren’t met. Even though these programmes can be of great added value to many organisations, all too often they are primarily a transactional solution where added value is recognised less. Resulting in reconsidering the programme altogether.

TalentIn’s most heard causes and reasons to change a hiring programme are:

  • Lack of proactivity
  • No real innovation
  • Compliance is insufficiently guaranteed due to rapidly changing legislations
  • Insufficient connection to a rapidly changing labour market
  • Lack of neutrality
  • Too little relationship with and management of suppliers
  • Problems with the continuity of MSP team / hiring desk staff

Developments that are less related to the implemented solution can also be a reason to reconsider it. For example a company takeover or a transition to another business model. In those cases possible alternative solutions will have to be assessed too.

Every cause or reason requires its own solution. Changing providers (in the case of an MSP solution) does not always guarantee success if the foundation is insufficiently thought out. Maturing or developing further also require their own dynamic, preparation and implementation.

Do you recognise one of the situations mentioned above? And are you interested in a scan of your current hiring programme to get an insight in its improvement potential? Then contact TalentIn: info@talentin.eu or +31 10 3075422

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