Month: February 2020

TalentIn BLOG Data Science UK

The Data Science Tripwire

Technology plays an ever increasing role in our resourcing strategy and operations. Looking at technology needs and options, we see that data science is more and more defining the possible benefits that technology can bring. But though data science brings significant added value to our world, it also comes with an important health warning. Data …

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TalentIn BLOG Hiring programme UK

Is your hiring programme living up to expectations?

Nowadays MSPs and hiring desks, both in- or outsourced, are established firmly in corporate business. During the first few years, control of hiring, cost reduction and compliance were the most important motives to design these models. But listening to stakeholders, suppliers and users we sense that the expectations and objectives, which started many of these …

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TalentIn Blog Hiring Programme NL

Voldoet uw inhuurprogramma aan de verwachtingen?

Tegenwoordig is het fenomeen MSP of inhuurdesk, al dan niet uitbesteed, stevig gevestigd in het Nederlandse (corporate) bedrijfsleven. In de eerste jaren waren met name grip op inhuur, kostenbesparing en compliance de belangrijkste argumenten om een dergelijk model in te richten. Maar luisterend naar stakeholders, leveranciers en gebruikers signaleren we dat de verwachtingen en doelstellingen, …

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TalentIn BOG Workforce Futureproof

Is your workforce future-proof?

Is your workforce future-proof? Multiple researches show us that roles and jobs as we currently know them will no longer exist in the future. Some say that in 10 years time 85% of the jobs we have today won’t exist anymore. Others predict that it is closer to 50%. The future will tell… Everybody agrees …

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